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Reconfigurable Components with Source Code

Call for Papers

As FPGA capacity increases to hold larger designs, our FPGA systems and designs become more ambitious. It is increasingly useful to share and reuse larger blocks and components. FPGA conferences and journals report on designs, but few of these are available for community-wide reuse. Documenting and packaging designs to be reusable outside of the group in which they were originally developed is additional hard work that is not directly praised and rewarded. In order to address this need and explore how the reconfigurable computing community might leverage and guide the use of the ACM Digital Library for capturing usable design components, this special issues seeks submissions of papers accompanied by widely usable source code for key reconfigurable building blocks.

Building Blocks

Components of interest include, but are not limited to:

Special Requirements

To improve portability and reusability and to make reviewing tractable, for consideration in the special issue, submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

Submission Instructions

The paper accompanying the submission should be prepared in ACM journal format and are limited to 22 pages. Submissions may be based on works that were previously published in refereed conferences, in such case the submissions should include 30% new material and the authors should state clearly how the submissions differs from and/or expands on the conference paper. Submission of both paper and code tar file should be performed on:

Key Dates


Check back at this URL for updates and additional information between now and the deadline.

Guest Editors: Andre DeHon and Derek Chiou

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