Badged Artifacts

Starting with FPGA2020, papers with shared artifacts were reviewed for ACM Badging. Creators made these artifacts available to the community for validation and replication and as reusable blocks for others to build upon. These form part of our shared community infrastructure and promote good, repeatable scientific experimentation.

We encourage the community to continue to develop and share artifacts and to help out with the artifact review process.




Artifact Link(s)

FPGA 2020

Flexible Communication Avoiding High-Level Synthesis Matrix Multiplication

Avail, Reuse, Replicate

FPGA 2020

Combining Dynamic & Static Scheduling in High-level Synthesis


Tool Benchmarks Dataset

FPGA 2020

LUXOR: An FPGA Logic Cell Architecture for Efficient Compressor Tree

Function, Replicate


FPGA 2020

Finding and Understanding Bugs in FPGA Synthesis Tools

Avail, Reuse, Replicate

FPGA 2020

Fingerprinting Cloud FPGA Infrastructures

Avail, Reuse

FPGA 2020

Boyi: A Systematic Framework for Automatically Deciding the Best Execution Model for OpenCL Applications on FPGAs

Avail, Function, Replicate

Conference organizers will want to see the report on the FPGA 2020 experience with performing artifact review.

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