Arduino-like Fast-Start for FPGAs

Pre-conference Workshop at FCCM 2016

(and likely ongoing interest group)

FCCM 2016

There is a growing student/hobbyist/Maker interest in embedded electronic control. Cheap hardware, friendly IDEs, online how-tos, bootcamps provide a fast ramp to get more people into low-level hardware hacking faster than ever. Hackathons, IoT, kickstarters, and connected world are driving interests. Gadget hacking is cool. But, when FPGAs should be the turbo-boost for these hobbyist and budding enterpeneurs, FPGAs look hard and impenetrable. The barrier for entry is too high...costs, tools, complexity, oh my!

How do we provide a bootstrap experience for FPGAs that

Can we distill the experience down to:

We're not there. How do we get there? This is a workshop to look at the requirements and the opportunities....and catalyze action! What pieces do indviduals and groups have that could be part of the solution? Can we bring them together? How do we mobilize action and convergence? Possible components:

Some potential components: (please contribute)

Workshop slides:

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